at800 is now Restore TV

Restore TV is an independent programme created to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive free to view TV or are offered a suitable alternative, if new mobile services cause TV interference. You can find out more about us here.

If you’re experiencing new interference to TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview, BT, or YouView, this could be caused by mobile services that have been upgraded in your area. You can find out more about why these changes are happening here.

You could also answer a few simple questions in our online diagnostic tool to determine if upgraded signals are causing the issue, take a look at our frequently asked questions or, if you would prefer to speak to us, please contact us. We can help.

Restore TV provides the same service that was previously offered by at800.

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Diagnose your problem

Have you recently noticed new interference to your free to view TV? If so, we can help you work out why. There are many different factors such as the weather or faulty aerials that can also cause interference. Our online diagnostic tool will help you determine if the interference may be related to mobile services that have been upgraded in your area.

What’s happening?

Mobile operators are upgrading their mobile services across the UK. These enable mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to access the internet at super-fast speeds.


We have a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which can provide further help and advice.

Useful guides

TV interference can be caused by all sorts of external and internal factors.
Our useful guides can tell you more